Mar 03
brain sapa neh??

brain sapa neh??

Mar 03

My weekend last week friday-monday..^^

last Friday i was at singapore with the other p6 students becoz we have the edu. trip..

I was hepi there,i lived one room with aydeline, angelica and ingrid..they were nice to me^^..

At night we always slept at 3 o’clock..the next day we go to the townsville school and i didn’t like the school and the student because the student not very nice to us.

The next day we went to jurong-east library..the library was so big..

At singapore we also played ice skating..i almost fall down 20 times..

Feb 10

chinese new year

I like chinese new  year because  i want to get the ‘hong bao’, and i like chinese new year because there is no class after that. After celebrating chinese new year i can go to maddy’s house and play with her dog (lulu).hehe.The most that i like for chinese is to get money..and go to my cousins house for getting hong bao again.The money that i get from the chinese new year,i will spend it with my friends to play at kidzania,waterbom ad take photo together in photobox..

Feb 03

My Favorite Teacher =3

My favorite teacher is ms karen..

i like ms karen because she is funny..

i like ms karen because she is great teacher..

i like ms karen because she is kind..

i like ms karen because she is cute..

i like ms karen coz she is good in  taching..

Jan 27



Who is Klara’s boyfriend??



Jan 27


Who is Klara’s boyfriend??

alvin y lah sapa lgi cba??haha…santai ya klara..

Jan 27

whats round like an apple deep like a cup but all the kings horses can’t pull it up?

Jan 27

I am a suit no men may wear; neither peasants nor kings
Yet no man goes with out me.
What’s got by me shall be well known
What lies at me is the reason for things.
All may touch me when am soft, none when I am stone.
Lose me and you will falter — yet if I am taken, you will find courage anew

Jan 20

quote He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare,
And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere.

Jan 20

quote There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness